Crete TOURnet: Home Advertising


Crete TOURnet has evolved in one of the most important websites on the tourist market for Crete Island. The tourist product of the island is promoted through the website to the final customer without any intermediate. The visitors who seek simple information are covered by extensive informative material for all the aspects of the island.
Crete TOURnet offers advertising space for banner or text ads throughout the site. The advertisement banner can be placed on all the pages or on specific categories of pages (home, accommodation, car rental, general) considering the better possible success of the campaign. You can also choose to display your advertisment only on users of specific countries.
The advertiser is charged based on the number of clicks that have actually been succeeded, meaning the number of the real visits to the web site of the advertized company.
Cost per is 0,30 € per click, price include VAT 23%. It is required the purchase of at least 400 clicks.
Please note that banner advertising is different from the inclusion in Crete TOURnet´s directory of tourism companies. More information on the submission of tourism companies can be found here.
If you have any questions or are interested in special forms of advertising please don't hesitate to contact us.