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Agence touristiaues en Crète

Diktynna on the Road

Diktynna On the Road is the transportation division of Diktynna Travel. With over 15 years of experience, we are renowned for providing quality mini coach travel, while providin...
Location: Chania

Diktynna Travel

Diktynna Travel, founded in 1991, is a boutique travel company focused on providing upscale travel to Crete, for individuals and small groups. Our mission is to design and stage...
Location: Chania

Kyriakakis Travel

All travel and tourism arrangements, specialised in : incoming tourism, air/boat/coach ticketing, package tours, inclusive tours organisers, organised tours, sightseeing, privat...
Location: Chania

Splendor Holidays

Welcome Splendor Holidays, we are specialized in providing domestic travel services in the island of Crete and especially in the prefecture of Chania. Our expertise and our know...
Location: Platanias - Kydonia

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