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Diktynna on the Road

Diktynna on the Road
Diktynna on the Road

Diktynna On the Road is the transportation division of Diktynna Travel. With over 15 years of experience, we are renowned for providing quality mini coach travel, while providing the latest in safety and comfort.

We offer a full fleet of 9 - 25 passenger mini vans and coaches, coupled with professional drivers and travel staff to efficiently manage all of your ground transportation needs for Crete. All vehicles are late models, fully licensed, with extensive liability insurance, equipped with the most current amenities. We aim to provide distinctive chauffeured transportation at competitive prices, with all requests managed with a high level of accountability and responsiveness, whether it is a simple airport transfer or a multi-days exclusive VIP charter.

Diktynna Travel's philosophy for an efficient service that is kept on a personal level is fully applying to our transportation division as well and we improve our offer of quality and value through continued investment in both our staff and our fleet.

6, Archontaki st., Χανιά
+30 28210 41458
+30 28210 43930

Diktynna on the RoadDiktynna on the RoadDiktynna on the RoadDiktynna on the RoadDiktynna on the RoadDiktynna on the Road
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