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Diktynna Travel
Diktynna Travel

Diktynna Travel, founded in 1991, is a boutique travel company focused on providing upscale travel to Crete, for individuals and small groups. Our mission is to design and stage authentic and deeply personal travel experiences for demanding travelers. In addition to offering a hand picked selection of hotels, retreats and villas, we organize single or multi days escorted trips, we tailor-make bespoke itineraries for groups of friends or families and we craft memorable weddings and creative corporate events or incentive trips. We invite you to experience Crete the Diktynna way : the passion of the amateur combined with the professional's efficiency and the solid knowledge of a true specialist, this is Crete at its best.

6, Archontaki st., Χανιά
+30 28210 41458
+30 28210 43930

Diktynna TravelDiktynna TravelDiktynna TravelDiktynna TravelDiktynna TravelDiktynna TravelDiktynna Travel
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