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A solo exhibition by Kostas Tsolis, entitled
A solo exhibition by Kostas Tsolis, entitled "White noise"
14.06.2013 - 14.07.2013 
Mare Art Gallery - Agia Marina


White noise
A solo exhibition by Kostas Tsolis
In cooperation with The Apartment gallery in Athens, we proudly present Kostas Tsolis in a solo exhibition entitled "White noise". In an age of information abundance we find ourselves overloaded with pictures which are either fast, easy, useless or often containing a strong content, and we have learned to deal with it, ignore it and treat it as the background noise of our society.
Through a painting technique of deletion, Kostas Tsolis brings forward the pictures that we too often tend to forget. As a socio-political comment, without imposing a specific point of view, Tsolis emphasizes how powerful pictures are in telling a story about a particular time period, a person, a family or the fate of a country. The pictures of an era can reveal the present power structures that form the context of today, based on historical events that are almost blurred in a collective memory that has become collectively archived.
Kostas Tsolis, born in Athens in 1964, has realized over ten solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group exhibitions, both in Greece and abroad. His work has been analysed by critics internationally, and is included in public as well as private collections worldwide. Since 2003 he has been a lecturer at the School of Fine Arts, University of Athens.
Curated by Sofia Mavroudis.


Mare Art Gallery
Hotel Thalassa Beach Resort 5*
Agia Marina
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