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Εστιατόριο Ξυλόσκαλο Ομαλού

Street: Omalos
Phone: 28210 67237


Open since 1965, it was initially operated as a kiosk of the Greek National Tourism Organisation and since 1985 as a restaurant owned by the multi-shareholder company for the development of Lákki and Omalós.

It is located at the end of the road leading to Samariá gorge, at a place called "Xilóskalo" on the plateau of Omalós.

A plethora of dishes based on traditional recipes, such as "sfakianó giachní", stewed or sautéed roast lamb originally prepared in the region of Sfakiá, chicken and rabbit dishes, delicious grilled meat, stáka, síglino, apáki, spiny chicory and Cretan rock lettuce, especially popular in this mountainous area. Here, you can enjoy tasty local wine. It goes without saying, that everything is cooked exclusively with olive oil because, as the people of the development company say, "we were brought up with olive oil, that's what we produce and that’s what we use in the preparation of our meals".

Breathtaking views of the Samariá gorge and the peaks of the surrounding White Mountains (Lefká Óri). A perfect spot for unwinding and relaxing. The fans of winter excursions will be enthused to find out that the region is snowy, but green all year round.

The construction of the building bends in harmoniously with the landscape and the surroundings with full respect towards traditional Cretan architecture.

Besides visiting the tavern, you can walk into the entrance of the gorge and/or follow other mountain paths, wander around the plateau of Omalós, the mountains of Gígilos and Lianoséli, or even reach Kalérgi refuge, enjoying the snow at the same time. The flora and fauna of the region is particularly rich. You will encounter all sorts of herbs, wild greens, Cretan wild goats (Kri-Kri), if you are lucky, as well as eagles, and falcons.

Open every day during the summer, at weekends and holidays during winter. Tel.: (+30)2821052122

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