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International Sculpture Symposium
International Sculpture Symposium
01.09.2011 - 25.09.2011 
Venerato - Heraklion
Cultural Event


In Venerato are miracles from the stone of patience
Institution now the International Sculpture Symposium
The dream of the residents of Paliani to safeguard the institution of the International Sculpture Symposium and the creation of a large outdoor Sculpture Gallery, open to the public, is slowly - slowly come true!
The 5th International Sculpture Symposium Paliani underway these days in a specially designed area of Venerato. This time, as you can and next year, the symposium is supported by the Municipality of Heraklion, taking even more extensive.
Through the stone, the Cretan limestone, "emerge" human figures in a "magical" for the public process that only sculptors with their art they create. Everyone can watch this process, small and great, and the entrance to the site is free.
The sound of wheels, essential tools in modern sculpture in stone, and heard this year Venerato creating joy and excitement to the residents of the area since 2006 supporting the institution that went through great difficulties to reach the fifth consecutive tournament. It is the first time in Greece for five consecutive years of an international symposium of sculpture and even a village! The locals claim they like the institution. Local businesses were sponsors, teams participating in the tournament, while residents treat the sculptors with fruits, vegetables, olives, plenty of wine and raki.
The stone of patience ...
The theme of the fifth International Sculpture Symposium is the verse of Seferis: "The stone of patience expect a miracle."
The symposium participants this year, Professor of Sculpture, School of Fine Arts former Rector George Houliaras, Professor of Sculpture at the TEI of Athens Kyriakos Rokos and sculptors Jan Gkiknamper (France) Gabriel Grass (Romania) Adelina Montasie (France), Mayor George Nikolakakis Gouves and Assistant Head Silkchim (Albania) to Rosto Beata (Hungary), John Tsingenis (Heraklion), the Light Hatzakis (Avgeniki Paliani) and Manolis Harkoutsis (Venerato Paliani). Also taking part his assistant Mr. Chouliaras sculptor Andreas Arapakos.
The 5th International Sculpture Symposium Paliani began on July 23 in a specially designed area at the entrance of the village Venerato. The symposium will conclude on August 12. The evening will be the closing event of the symposium, which will display the works created by artists in front of art lovers. The Entrance is free, and at the end of the event will offer local dishes and excellent wines, offering clubs and winemakers in the region Palianis.
Very regularly, for hours every time he visits the site of the symposium, Heraklion mayor Yannis Kourakis. Daily site are the mayor Palianis Aristide bowl, Eva Tylianakis by the City of Heraklion and the Peace Senetaki Paliani.

The history of the event
The "spark" for the start of the international event was just an idea that had sculptors Tsoumplekas and Chris Manolis Harkoutsis, which suggested the mayor Aristides bowl which he immediately accepted.
This was the starting point in the summer of 2006, the organization of the International Sculpture Symposium Paliani, an institution that today has significant past and future, much more. Sculptors from various countries hosted by the municipality for about a month and carving their works before the eyes of art lovers. The projects remain in the municipality and copyrights for artists.
Initially no experience with the financial support institutions and entrepreneurs and the tireless work of municipal services and ordinary citizens', held the first International Meeting of Sculpture in September 2006 in the municipal area outside the monastery Palianis. Sculptors from Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey and Greece have worked for a month then eager to give the municipality wonderful artwork.
The second International Sculpture Symposium Paliani in Summer 2007 with the support of the Union of Heraklion. Sculptors from Germany, Italy and Greece have worked at the Model Palianis Winery, then a site to deliver excellent work on "Hymn to Wine and its people." The works displayed at art modern winery.
The 3rd and the 4th International Symposium of Sculpture Paliani in 2008 and 2009 respectively, were made at the symposium this year, with the participation of artists from Greece and various countries and issues for the wine.


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