Melia Studios

Melia Studios
Melia Studios

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Melia Studios are located at Ag. Apostoli in New Kydonia. It is a district of great natural beauties with a lot of green which is surrounded by three most beautiful sandy beaches and a little verdure forests where you can have walks and picnic. Also there are taverns, mini markets and everything you may need for a comfortable stay.
"Melia Studios" follows a new, modern way of construction, paying special attention to details. They are marvellous, spacious, one-room or two-room and promise unforgettable stay next to the sea. They are equipped with air condition (two units for the two-room studios) and central heating for the winter, kitchen facilities, TV, telephone, electric iron and hair dryer. Also available is a safebox, a shared washing-machine as well as Internet for the users. You can find very friendly atmosphere and hospitality.

73100, Agii Apostoli
28210 33444, 6977 838950
28210 20844

Melia StudiosMelia StudiosMelia StudiosMelia StudiosMelia StudiosMelia Studios
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