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Speed Rent a Car

Speed Rent a Car
Speed Rent a Car

Situated in the heart of Chania and established 17 years ago, we are in the position to offer you the best deal possible for your every need. We have a huge selection of vehicles ranging from small two door cars to large eight setter mini-buses. We have a full range of off-road four-wheel drives and we offer trip for jeep safaris to our spectacular mountains. Our Service is excellent and fast, offering free deliveries to and from your hotel, local airport and harbour. We rent cars for Jeep Safari,Samaria, Elafonisos, Knossos, Cretan Evenings, and every place in Crete in general. We have stations all over the island of Crete with a 24 hour delivery and collection service. We hope to have the opportunity to make your stay on our beautiful island as perfect as possible. Get a member discount and bonus card with your first rental

Halidon 105, Chania, Chania
28210 44768

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