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Taverna Aimilía

Street: Zourva Chania
Phone: 28210 67470


The tavern "Emilía", located in the village of Zoúrva at the foot of the White Mountains (Lefká Óri), operates since 1980.

At the junction of Alikianós take the road towards the mountains and, after passing the villages of Fournés and Mesklá, you will find the tavern standing at one of the highest spots of Zoúrva, 27km away from Haniá. The road to the mountains also leads to the historical village of Thérissos.

In "Emilía" you will have the opportunity to taste pure products, different types of cheese, honey, garden produce and meat, the majority of which are produced by the family that runs the tavern. All dishes are prepared upon order, while special emphasis is place on the prescriptions of the traditional Cretan diet.

Traditional Cretan piláfi rice cooked in freshly boiled meat stock, spiny chicory, fennel pie, Cretan kalitsoúnia pies filled with greens and herbs, as well as fáva, a split pea puree, are a "must" during the winter. Furthermore, do not miss on a wide variety of meat dishes available all year round. Everything is cooked with virgin olive oil on the basis of traditional Cretan methods.

The tavern boasts a wonderful view overlooking the plain of Haniá and the Cretan sea and a warm traditional ambience. The location is ideal not only for winter breaks, but also for pleasant summer escapes to the mountains.

The unique natural landscape of Crete will reward the visitor. Zoúrva serves as the ideal starting point for hiking tours, but even a tour by car is worthwhile. Although it is often snowy in this village, since it is located at the foot of the White Mountains, it lies only 35 minutes away from the sea!

Open all year round Tel.: (+30)2821067060

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