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Terms & Conditions

This page presents the terms and conditions for advertisement placement on the Crete TOURnet Site, as well as the booking procedure you have to follow.
Please note that advertisement differs from the inclusion in the tourism company directory. More info on this subject can be found here.

Terms & Conditions

All prices are in EURO and include VAT 19%. Prices may change without previous notice.
Offending advertisements are not accepted
Multimedia Systems Center SA has the right to decline or cancel any advertisement placement or any other registration on the Crete TOURnet Site.
The advertiser is emailed with weekly data about adviews and clickthrough rates of its campaign.
Multimedia Systems Center S.A. is not responsible for any damage resulting from hardware or software failure or problems in the telecommunication network.
Multimedia Systems Center S.A. can change these terms and conditions without previous notice.

Booking Procedure

1.The application form for Banner Advertising filled out and signed by the applicant, is to be sent by mail to:
Multimedia Systems Center AE
Crete TOURnet
Boniali 20, 73134 Chania
Crete, Greece
or by Fax to +30 28210 88427
2. The application is acknowledged by Multimedia Systems Center S.A. via email or fax, confirming availability of space for the required period and acceptance of the booking. An invoice is issued for the amount due.
3. Payment in full is to be made in advance, and must be received by Multimedia Systems Center S.A. before the start of the campaign.
4. Payment can be made in ways described on Way of Payment.
5. Once payment is received and cleared with the bank, a receipt is issued and the booking is considered to be active.
6. Prices are calculated based on the prices published on the site the day the application is delivered to Multimedia Systems Center S.A.
7. A campaign can be canceled/discontinued with mutual agreement. In case of cancellation, a "pro rata" amount will be refunded based on the remaining period. Advertisers can also cancel their campaign at any time with a written application to Multimedia Systems Center S.A., but will not be entitled to any refunds.
8. For further questions please contact us.