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Raisins - Dried Fruits

Raisins - Dried FruitsRaisins - Dried Fruits

In Crete, raisins and must, along with honey, constitute the most important traditional sweeteners. Viticulture on Crete dates from prehistoric times. Raisin production is an ingenious way to preserve in dehydrated (dry) form a product that thrives in the long summer season. The vines of Crete produce ideal varieties of grapes that can easily by turned into raisins. The drying of grapes is a natural process, under the hot summer sun. Since Cretans consume significant amounts of raisins, they also reap the benefits of their rich in vitamins content (A, B1, B2, B3, B6, etc.). Raisins are consumed either raw or mixed in various other preparations, e.g. cakes, rolls, pies, or in combination with dried fruits. These delicious pastries and bakery products contain the minimum in fatty substances and no cholesterol.
Dried fruits are one more favourite source of food for Cretans. They are rich in linoleum and linoleic acid and thus a perfect shield for the heart. The dried fruits of Crete come from trees, which receive no form of care or cultivation! Walnut trees, chestnut trees and almond trees are not systematically cultivated! Ohey grow and bear fruit as they have been doing for centuries now! Their fruit is absolutely natural and free from chemical substances, thus complying fully with the Cretan prototype of nutrition.