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Statue of Daskaloyannis in Anopoli

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Anopolis was a revolutionary centre against the Venetians and was destroyed in 1365. Anopolis, and the province of Sfakia in general, was the centre of revolutions against the Turks in Crete and was never inhabited by the Turks, making it the only free place in Crete during the Turkish occupation. The people from Anopolis had boats and their commercial fleet was based in Loutro. Anopolis is the birth place of Ioannis Daskaloyannis, the leader of the revolution of 1770 against the Turks (statue in the central square). By the time of the revolution of 1770, Anopolis had more than 500 men that could participate in the war. Anopolis was completely levelled during the revolution and many survivors left for other places. The same happened in the revolution of 1867. Due to its position, Anopolis was always one of the last strongholds of Sfakia.

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