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Outdoor activities and things to do in Crete

Discover the gorges, mountains, beaches and the sea as well as the hospitality of the locals.
Crete is a multicolored puzzle of mythology, history, proud people, mountains, gorges and the sea. These puzzle pieces form a unique and magical picture of this large Greek island. You will get to know the "unknown" Crete, which is hidden in its gorges, remote mountain summits, steep slopes, and in the deep sea which surrounds it.
In sections below you can search about activities and things to do in Crete during your holidays in Greece.
# Article Title
1 Sea Kayaking in Crete
2 Mountain Shelters of Crete
3 Crete and Hiking Trails Ε4
4 Paragliding or Parapente or Parachute in Crete
5 Rock Climbing in Crete mountains
6 Climbing – Walking in Crete
7 Mountain Bike in Crete
8 Diving in Crete
9 Sailing around Crete
10 Other Activities