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The village of Plemeniana is located just after Kandanos on the road to Paleochora. The village is crossed by the road that connects the county of Selino with the county of Kissamos (Plemeniana - Strovles - Elos - Chrisoskalitissa - Elafonissi and Plemeniana - Strovles - Topolia - Voulgaro - Kasteli (Kissamos). The specific route is one of the most picturesque in the area of Chania. Plemeniana is a beautiful village full of trees with a few dozens of inhabitants and many smaller settlements around it. In the settlement of Kopeti - 1.5 km from Plemeniana towards Strovles , there is the early orthodox church of Agii Apostoli, which was recently renovated by the local residents in co-operation with the Ministry of Culture.