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Classic Cretan recipes: Macaroni (Skioufichta)

IngredientsMacaroni (Skioufichta)

½ Kg Flour
1 glass of water
1 tsp. salt
3 tbsp. of cretan olive oil
1 cup of grated anthotiro cheese
1-2 tbsp. butter


Knead the flour with the water, the salt and the olive oil. Leave the dough for one hour and then make the macaroni. Mold the dough into finger-sized strips and cut it in small pieces (about 3 cm long). Then put a finger in the middle of each piece and form a short and fat macaroni (like a small boat) empty in the middle. Spread some flour on the table, place the macaroni on it and let them dry for about an hour. Then shift them and boil them for approximately half an hour. Serve them in a deep plate with a drilled dipper and then pour hot butter (preferably “stacovoutiro”) and sprinkle the grated anthotiro cheese over them.