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Events and Festivals in Crete

In Crete, the residents celebrate all year round. The most well-known celebrations though are the fairs in honour of the patron saint of each village. To these a number of anniversaries of national importance can be added, such as the Battle of Crete every May, and the national celebrations on October 28th and March 25th. Exhibitions of products, street markets etc. are organised. Of particular interest are also celebrations during the production of tsikoudia, wine, or the picking of cherries, oranges, chestnuts, etc. All these celebrations are accompanied by traditional dances and songs and rich food and drinks are offered.
Date Title Venue City Type
26.11.2010 Live Album Presentation by Liebe Zero Bar Chania Live - Party
25.11.2010 Live Album Presentation by Liebe Baroom Bar Rethymnon Live - Party
24.11.2010 - 24.12.2010 Exhibition of Paintings by Fotis Lagoudakis Trianon Center Chania Αrt Εxhibition
24.11.2010 - 08.12.2010 Exhibition of Paintings by Andrea Zimvragou Art gallery Milonogianni B. Chania Αrt Εxhibition
24.11.2010 - 20.02.2011 Art exhibition by Katerina Sklaveniti Music Stage Theoreion Heraklion Αrt Εxhibition
24.11.2010 Charles Cooper and Mike Vredegoor Morning talk Art Cafe Liakoto Vamos Cultural Event
24.11.2010 Michael Lambrakis LIVE JAZZ at Heraklion Bar Blow Up Heraklion Live - Party
23.11.2010 - 19.12.2010 Exhibition of Paintings in Chania Immigrants Stage Chania Αrt Εxhibition
23.11.2010 Film night at Liakoto, Vamos Art Cafe Liakoto Vamos Cultural Event
22.11.2010 - 11.04.2011 Basic Photography Courses 2010 - 2011 Asotos Ios Chania Sports - Hobbies - Interests
21.11.2010 Clothes and Accessories Bazzar at Heraklion Art Studio Heraklion Cultural Event
21.11.2010 Launch Book and Photo Exhibition Art Cafe Liakoto Vamos Cultural Event
20.11.2010 - 04.12.2010 Angels Figures at Heraklion Prisma Art Store Heraklion Αrt Εxhibition
20.11.2010 The Callas Live Bar Blow Up Heraklion Live - Party
19.11.2010 Lopez Mpoy Lumbu and Stelios Saroglu at Liakoto Art Cafe Liakoto Vamos Cultural Event
19.11.2010 Monika Live at Heraklion Cine Astoria Heraklion Live - Party
18.11.2010 Photography Exhibition by Paul Blanc Center for Mediterranean Architecture (CAM) Chania Εxhibition
18.11.2010 Rec on Tour at Heraklion Privilege Club Heraklion Live - Party
17.11.2010 - 26.11.2010 Exhibition by Russian and Ukrainian Artists Giali Tzamisi Chania Εxhibition
17.11.2010 - 21.11.2010 Music, Art and Readings at Pagopiion Pagopiion (Ice Factory) Heraklion Cultural Event
12.11.2010 Music Soup with Joel Holmes at Rethymnon Conservatory of Rethymnon Rethymnon Live - Party
12.11.2010 Mattyas on decks My Cafe Chania Live - Party
11.11.2010 COCKTAIL NIGHTS Avant Garde Café Heraklion Live - Party
11.11.2010 Nikos Zoidakis at My cafe My Cafe Chania Live - Party
11.11.2010 Lazy Bones live at Tholos Bar Cafe Tholos Cafe Bar Rethymnon Live - Party
10.11.2010 Brian Pound Morning talk Art Cafe Liakoto Vamos Cultural Event
03.11.2010 DOGGY NIGHTS Big Fish Heraklion Live - Party
03.11.2010 RNB + HOUSE Music at Why Club Why Club Heraklion Live - Party
03.11.2010 Sara Gilding Morning talk Art Cafe Liakoto Vamos Cultural Event
03.11.2010 Lazy Bones Live Bull Bar Heraklion Live - Party
30.10.2010 - 31.10.2010 32nd Rally Crete Municipality of Heraklion Heraklion Sports - Hobbies - Interests
29.10.2010 - 31.10.2010 Congress of Physical Education and Sport in Rethymnon House of Culture Rethymnon Sports - Hobbies - Interests
27.10.2010 - 10.11.2010 Exhibition of Alternative and Gothic Jewelery Avant Garde Café Heraklion Εxhibition
23.10.2010 - 24.10.2010 Shooting Match at Heraklion Arkalohori Heraklion Sports - Hobbies - Interests
23.10.2010 DATFUNK Live at Heraklion Pagopiion (Ice Factory) Heraklion Live - Party
22.10.2010 - 23.10.2010 Bloodcult zine Festival 3 Touring Club of Rethymnon Rethymnon Festival
22.10.2010 Burger Project Live Party Astoria Hotel Heraklion Live - Party
22.10.2010 Eddie C Campbell at Heraklion Cine Studio Live Heraklion Live - Party
22.10.2010 FOUR OF A KIND LIVE Hakuna Matata Bar Heraklion Live - Party
20.10.2010 - 27.10.2010 Painting Exhibition by Emmanouil Papagiannaki House of Culture Rethymnon Αrt Εxhibition
15.10.2010 Oriental Show at Heraklion Onar Lounge Café Bar Heraklion Live - Party
14.10.2010 Winter Opening Party "Out Of Home Go To House" Dal Mare Sitia Live - Party
13.10.2010 JazzPhilia at Heraklion Theatrical Stage Heraklion Live - Party
09.10.2010 Nterti Dancing, Vromikos Notos and Ska Party at Heraklion Technological Educational Institute of Crete Heraklion Live - Party
09.10.2010 Videoclips Party Vol 2 Bar Blow Up Heraklion Live - Party
08.10.2010 - 09.10.2010 Anti-Racism Festival at Rethymnon Municipal Garden of Rethymnon Rethymnon Festival
08.10.2010 Music for Common People Party Bar Blow Up Heraklion Live - Party
07.10.2010 - 05.11.2010 Photography Exhibition by Kosta Mpalafa Saint Mark's Basilica Heraklion Εxhibition
04.10.2010 - 04.12.2010 Engraving Exhibition by Aristea Kritsotaki Municipal Art Gallery Chania Αrt Εxhibition
04.10.2010 Happy Mondays at Sitia Dal Mare Sitia Live - Party

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