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Paragliding or Parapente or Parachute in Crete

Parapente in CreteParagliding, or else Parapente comes from its French name (para- parachute and pente = slope) and it’s a sport with many funs. In Crete exist many schools where you can exercise and learn the secrets of it as well as practicing. Additionally there are many tracks for beginners or advanced users in order to the high view of Cretan nature. Parapente in CreteFeel free in the Cretan sky. Encircle and soar with the large eagles of Crete. Play energetically, but hold on tight ... the intensity of the air above the Cretan slopes will lift you high. No matter what the direction of the wind is, there is always a place in Crete where the wind is blowing the right way.

Parapente Locations

Parapente Locations on Crete
  1. Ammolofos Nea Chora
  2. Omalos Plain
  3. Falassarna
  4. Askufou Plain
  5. Kournas Lake
  1. Varipetro
  2. Avdou
  3. Stalida
  4. Kaminaki

Ammolofos Nea Chora

This site is situated in the city of Chania, only 2 km from the center of the city. It has a Northern orientation and it is perfect for beginners and learners. The elevation variance is no higher than 10 m.

Omalos Plain

One of the most beautiful flights in Crete in the plains of Omalos. It is situated about 45 km outside of the city of Hania. The takeoff site is at the end of the road for the KALLERGI shelter and its orientation is Northwest-West. The takeoff is not very easy and the ground is rocky, but the flights from here are magical. You fly exactly beside the gorge of Samaria and Gigilo mountain. The elevation variance is 640 m.


FalassarnaAbove the ancient city of Falassarna, modern wings fly. With the air coming fresh from the sea and the touch of the hillside, you will find yourself flying above the ancient city. The orientation of the flight is West and the elevation variance is 150-200m. The strong winds however are capable of lifting you even higher. Falassarna is located in the western part of Crete.

Askufou Plain

If the wind is East or even if it is still, it is always worthwhile to take a trip above Askufou. The small rural road which is 4 km above the village, will lead you to the takeoff which is situated on the mountain peak. Askufo plain, even in dead calm, produces a strong wind current which is capable of keeping you in the air for hours. The landing in the plateau certainly will not be one of the easiest things that you have done but, why not try? The elevation variance is 450m.

Kournas Lake

Kournas LakeAbout 50 km, outside the city of Hania is the lake of Kournas. With Northern and North-eastern orientation and with an elevation variance of 550 m. this certainly is a unique flight. The hillside around the lake produces a strong current, which will make your flight interesting and last for hours.


Barupetro is situated only 7 km outside Hania. A small rural road begins outside of the village and leads to the takeoff which has an elevation variance of 150m. It has Northern orientation and the view is amazing - below you are the White Mountains and the lake of Agia.


AvdouIn the eastern part of central Crete, in the village of Avdou, there is another parapente site. The elevation variance is 350m and the oreintation is to the North. The small plain around the village offers breathtaking excitement and flights with good takeoff and landing.


Parapente LocationsIn the most visited part of Crete, beside the road of Hersonissos and Malia, you will find an amazing slope. It has a Northern orientation. The elevation variance can be from 150 to 300 metres. The site is above the village of Stalida and the approach is very easy. You can almost reach the takeoff point entirely by car.


An area in which you can see many unique beauties is the plateau of Lassithi. It is possible do many things: to hike, to explore caves in nearby Dikteon Andron, and to fly parapente from the village of Kaminaki. The village is situated at the end of the plateau. It has a Northern orientation with a elevation variance of 300m. There is a mountainous rural road which leads to the takeoff which is relatively good. The landing, of course, is below in the village in which the willing and hospitable Cretan people will offer you the traditional drink, "tsikoudia". And after a nice flight, it's worth it.

Information and photographs have been provided by George Antonakakis, a professional mountaineering instructor.