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Crete and Hiking Trails Ε4

E4 Trails
The long-running E4 European hiking trail, starts in the Perinnes mountains, crosses all the boundries of the Alpines, continues through Yugoslavia and arrives in northern Greece. It crosses all through Greece and arrives in the southern Peloponesse. From there it perceivably jumps to northern western Crete. The E4 hiking trails in Crete begin in the western town of Kastelli and reach to Zakro, on the eastern side of the island. The paths give hikers the possibility to get to know the unknown Crete nature, to pass through ancient paths, settlements, monasteries, and of course, to experience the tall mountains of Crete.
The mapping and the trail signs of the E4 trails couldn't have happened without the initiative of the people of Crete, the communities of the area which cross the trails and all of the hiking organizations of Crete. Responsible for all of this work as well as for the cartography of the E4 trails in Crete is the architect-writer and mountaineer, George Petrakis.
  • Routes 1-10, Chania
  • Routes 11-20, Chania - Rethimno
  • Routes 21-30, Rethimno - Iraklio
  • Routes 31-40, Iraklio - Lasithi
Information and photographs have been provided by George Antonakakis, a professional mountaineering instructor.
The information of this pages are from G.N.Petrakis book for E4 of Crete