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Free wi-fi hotspots at Chania

Free wi-fi hotspotsFive new points for free wireless broadband internet access at Chania town in Crete:

  • Public Market Square
  • Municipal Garden
  • Eleftherias Square (Court Square)
  • 1866 Square
  • Koum Kapi beach

Day of Dance for All Peoples of the Planet

cretan dance
On 7th August 2010, the whole island of Crete is dancing to its unique rhythms. The main event will take place in the central road axis of Crete between Chania in the west and Aghios Nikolaos in the east, a length of 200,000 kilometres. It starts with a slow dance, the siganos, with 250000 plus dancing people, followed by professional Cretan dancers and "Friends of Crete" dancers, organized through local, national, and worldwide dance groups from New Zealand to Alaska, Canada, Greenland to Antarctica.
This event will capitalize on the advantages of the closing down of the island at night time. During the event, Crete, "Planet Crete", will be sending messages of fellowship, love and togetherness to all the peoples of the Earth, inviting them to dance along and come together to become one.
Purpose: To create an annual event "Day of Dance for All Peoples of the Planet", attracting the interest of international media in this unique event of planet-wide dimensions and and capitalizing on such interest.
Support for the event:
a) Participation of the island's dancers: In the morning of the event, local committees will bestow honours to the people who contribute to the development and promotion of Crete throughout the world. It is hoped that such acknowledgement will also attract the target number of 250,000 dancers.
Enhancing incentives for participation/ presence:
• Providing free lessons in Cretan dances to visitors / tourists
• Competition for "Mantinada" (4 line poem), the theme of which will be about the event
• Loyalty card: "Friends of Crete"
• "Prizes of Crete"
• Potential twinning with another area
b) Financial incentives/ Media and Communication incentives: There will be opportunities for sponsoring, special offers, etc.
c) Consanguinity: It is hoped that the people of Crete and the "Friends of Crete" will be present at every step of the process of this event, including the membership of the organizing committee and of other participating groups.
d) Organization: The first meeting for the constitution of the organizing committee will be set when a minimum of 50 countries have sent applications to participate, with suggestions/ ideas about the event, about the development of an organizing committee working across the world, etc.
Communication with organizing members on the day of the meetings will take place through teleconference.
e) Prizes: Guinness Prize and named "Prize of Crete" will be awarded to participants regardless of whether they live in Crete or in their own country.
There are various benefits:
• Promoting Crete and Greece throughout the planet
• Increased tourism in Crete and Greece during a time of recession
• Cretan migrants meeting with their families and friends in Crete
• Contribution of Crete in the coming together and fellowship of all the peoples of the Earth
• Potential twinning with another area

For further information visit: www.200000.gr

Ferries from Crete to Gavdos

Gavdos is the southernmost Greek island and the southernmost point in Europe. The tiny island is home to only about 50 inhabitants year round. There aren't any hotels although there are limited numbers of rooms for rent. However, you might end up camping right on the beach.
Gavdos is located to the south of Crete and the only way to get to Gavdos is on ferry.
The ferries to Gavdos depart from two different ports: Paleohora (also spelled “Paleochora”) and Sfakia (also known as “Hora Sfakion”). The ferry between Paleochora and Gavdos takes 3 h 30 min while the ferry between Sfakia and Gavdos takes 1h 15 min.
The high season starts in June and ends in October. The following ferries connect the two islands during the 2010 high season:
  • from Paleochora
at 08:30 a.m., on Monday & Wednesday, from May 21st to June 30th
  • from Sfakia
at 11:30 a.m., on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday, from June 1st to 30th

For further information about the timetable visit http://www.anendyk.gr

1st Prize for Technical University of Crete Eco Racing Team at the Shell Eco Marathon 2010

Technical University of Crete Eco Racing Team

1st Prize for TUCer team at the Shell Eco Marathon 2010 at EUROSPEEDWAY, Lausitz, Germany.

TUCer (Technical University of Crete Eco Racing Team) designs and constructs a prototype, low consumption urban vehicle.
The first prototype was constructed on May, 2008. After two years of development the new vehicle ER II was ready to race on May, 2010
TUCer team participated until now at the following competitions:
  • 2010, May: Shell Eco Marathon, EUROSPEEDWAY, Lausitz, Germany (1st Prize at the ADAC Safety Award)
  • 2009, May: Shell Eco Marathon, EUROSPEEDWAY, Lausitz, Germany
  • 2008, May: Shell Eco Marathon, Nogaro, France
The principle of the Shell Eco-marathon is simple: to design and build a vehicle that will use the smallest amount of fuel and produce the fewest emissions possible.
Teams can enter futuristic prototypes - streamlined vehicles where the only design consideration is reducing drag and maximising efficiency, or UrbanConcept vehicles - built to conventional road-going vehicle criteria.
Conventional fuels such as diesel, petrol and LPG, as well as alternative fuels such as solar, electric, hydrogen and biomass can power the vehicles. As long as the teams adhere to safety rules, the source of fuel is limited only by their imagination.
The Shell Eco-marathon is a major educational project. Students are encouraged to reflect on potential solutions to both current and future transport and energy challenges and to explore ideas for more sustainable mobility. The objective is twofold: to help technical institutions secure talent for their technical courses and to promote future technical careers.
By participating in the Shell Eco-marathon project young people get the opportunity to examine fundamental questions as:
  • What technical solutions will make mobility sustainable and available to all?
  • What behaviors must we adopt in order to manage our energy needs better?
  • How can we maintain our current levels of comfort and enable others to reach comparable levels, while at the same time ensuring a viable and acceptable environment for future generations?
While not claiming to have the definitive answers to these questions, Shell offers young people who are interested in the world of technology, energy and transport a unique opportunity to work in a hands-on manner to identify possible solutions to such critical, global challenges.

First position for Crete in blue flags

blue_flagsSecond position for Greece in blue flags among the 41 countries around the world. Throughout Greece were awarded 421 beaches and the Prefecture of Lassithi in Crete has the most beaches with blue flags in Greece. 

The beaches with blue flags in Crete are:
Municipality of Pelekanou
Pahia Ammos
Municipality of Kolibari
Municipality of Platania
Municipality of Ν.Kydonia
Agii Apostoli 1
Agii Apostoli 2
Hrisi Akti
Agia Marina
Municipality of Chania
Nea Hora
Municipality of Akrotiri
Agios Onoufrios
Municipality of Armenoi
Kalyves Ksida
Municipality of Vamos
Municipality of Georgioupolis
Municipality of Rethymnon
Rethymnon 1
Rethymnon 2
Rethymnon 3
Rethymnon 4
Platanias Β/Rethymnon 6
Municipality of Geropotamos
Lianos Kavos Lavris
Bali Varkotopos
Bali Livadi
Municipality of Finikas
Municipality of Labis
Agia Galini/Istero Varkotopi
Municipality of Gazi
Ammoudara 1
Ammoudara 4
Ammoudara 5
Municipality of Chersonisos
Limenas Chersonisos 5
Agios Georgios 1
Agios Georgios 3
Agios Georgios 2/Panagia Rizi
Municipality of Malia
Potamos Α
Municipality of Timpaki
Lasithi (Agios Nikolaos):
Community Vrahasi
Municipality of Agios Nikolaos
Poros 1
Poros 2
Pigadakia Elounda
Elounda 1
Chavania 2
Agios Nikolaos 1
Agios Nikolaos 2
Agios Nikolaos 3
Agios Panteleimonas
Municipality of Sitia
Sitia 1/Galliko
Sitia 2/Petra
Sitia 3/Karavopetra
Municipality of Itanos
Vai/Palm Forest
Kato Zakros
Municipality of Lefki
Municipality of Makrigialos
Municipality of Ierapetra
Ierapetra 1 /Dimotiki
Ierapetra 2 /Dimotiki
Agia Fotia
Koutsounari/Agios Ioannis
Koutsounari 2
Katharades 1
Chrisi Island


Attempt to open the U.S. market on the Cretan products

Cretan Products

A major undertaking for the coordinated approach of the vast American market, so be the first event on U.S. exports, he launched the Association of Exporters of Crete, a significant contribution to the Prefecture of Heraklion.

Thus, a contribution to the Prefecture of Heraklion, which will subsidize 50% of the cost of stands of eight companies from the island, will take part in the largest food and beverage exhibition in New York, «fancy food», to be held from 27 to 29 June. In this report involved a total of 21 kiosks Greek firms, of which 40% will come from Crete!

Specifically, this major exhibition of food and drink in New York from the island will be displayed products such as oil, wine, bakery, dairy, honey, sesame bars, including organic products.

Crete - A new summer surprise from Malév

PlacementCreativeBrand1585Crete is one of the most popular European summer destinations, offering the perfect blend of culture and relaxation. The largest island in Greece is famous for the Palace of Knossos, renowned Cretan hospitality, its charming villages, gorgeous beaches and unequalled natural attractions such as Samaria, Europe's longest gorge.

So, this summer Malév is integrating a charter flight into its scheduled timetable. The airline is targeting individual travellers who prefer to book their own accommodation and plan their own holiday programmes.

The addition of the capital of Crete, Heraklion extends still further the list of Malév's hit summer destinations. Malév reckons that the this new destination will soon become equally popular and the 20 tickets available for each flight will quickly find buyers. The airline is making a total of 1200 seats available on the once-a-week flights running from mid-June to the end of September. Of course, the majority of seats are reserved by travel agencies for their own package programmes.

Budapest - Heraklion - from 12 June to 25 September 2010

Flight No. Route Dept. Arr. Days
MA1918 BUD-HER 08.25 11.40 Saturday
12.30 13.45 Saturday


The First Hospice Hostel in Chania

hospice-posterHospice hostels are accommodation hostels for those who suffer from cancer and are already at the latest stages of the disease.
The personnel of the hospice offer pharmaceutical, psychological and spiritual assistance to the sufferers.
The main goal is to take care of these people, helping them live their last days with dignity.
In Europe, this type of hospice is already established and common, receiving people who cannot stay in hospitals anymore. Of course, this is something difficult, because the hospice has to be extremely well equipped, with the necessary medical supplies and the equipment needed for the support of the sufferers.

The first hospice hostel will begin operating in Chania at the Therissos Municipality within 2010, as a result of the initiative of the Association of Volunteers "Orizontas".
The Hunting Club of Chania made the announcement a few days ago, supporting the goal with 10,000 Euros.
According to the President of the Association, Mr Adontakis, the hospice will be built on land offered by the Municipality of Therissos, an area which is very close to the city of Chania.
Mr Adontakis also thanked the Hunting Club for its help and support, denoting that many local associations and clubs are interested in supporting this important initiative and project, both practically and theoretically.
Mr Adontakis said that the needs are immense and people know it, so they thank everyone who helps to make this project come true, because it is high tie that people took the initiatives in their hands in order to deal with their problems.
The Association of Volunteers “Orizontas” is operating a second hospice in Athens, for those who come to the capital from Chania.
“Whoever comes to Athens from Chania, to support a person of his family doing chemotherapy in Athens, can stay for free at the hospice.
According to the President of the 1st Hunting Club in Chania, Charalambos Marinakis, all hunting licenses were charged with 2 euros each in order to provide the needed money for the financial support of the project. Mr Marinakis said that 5,000 licenses provided the 10,000Euros given to Orizontas Association. He also mentioned that the Hunting Club always participates in philanthropic projects and missions, assisting in any financial and practical way possible, since the Club of Chania is one of the four largest clubs in Greece, with 5,040 active members.

"Day of open door " to the wineries of Crete

wineryOn weekend May 15 and 16 five wineries in western Crete members in network of winemakers of prefectures Chania, Rethymnon, involved in the Hellenic event "Day of Open Door."
Wineries will be open from 10:00a.m. to 18:00p.m. for a tour and test the wines and spirits.

The wineries in Western Crete, which will be open on weekend May 15 and 16, are:
Karavitaki Vineyards (tel: 28240 23381 Mob: 6944327356)
Loupaki Estate (tel: 28240 91392 Mob: 6948886184)
Manousaki Winery (www.nostoswines.gr Tel: 28210 78787, mob 6976118961)
Douraki Winery (www.dourakiswinery.gr Tel: 28250 51761 Mob 6971892996)
Pnevmatikaki Winery (www.pnevmatikakis.com.gr, tel: 28220 31740, mob 6945871588)

Anek Lines announces daytime routes to Crete

ANEK Lines announces the opening of daily routes to the island for summer 2010 from mid June to early September in conjunction with special offers on ticket prices, tickets start at 19 euros.

Summer 2010 - from and to Chania (June - July - August - September)

PIRAEUS - CHANIA Departure: 12.00 Arrival: 19.30
CHANIA - PIRAEUS Departure: 10.00 Arrival: 18.30

PIRAEUS - CHANIA Departure: 10.00 Arrival: 18.30
CHANIA - PIRAEUS Departure: 12.00 Arrival: 19.30
Summer 2010 - Chania
Summer 2010 - from and to Heraklion (July - August)
PIRAEUS - Heraklion Departure: 10.00 Arrival: 18.30

Heraklion - PIRAEUS Departure: 09.00 Arrival: 17.30

PIRAEUS - Heraklion Departure: 09.30 Arrival: 18.00
Heraklion - PIRAEUS Departure: 10.00 Arrival: 18.30
Summer 2010 - Heraklion