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Venetian Sights

In 1204 the Crusaders took over Constantinople and dismantled the Byzantine Empire. Crete fell into the hands of Boniface of Monferrat, who then sold it to the Venetians for about 1000 pieces of silver.
There are many remains of beautiful Venetian buildings all over Crete. The old town and especially the Old Harbour of Chania retains the ambience of a Venetian town of the past and the buildings are protected by a historical preservation law. 
Architecturally important venetian buildings are the Loggia of Iraklion, the Loggia of Rethimnon, as well as the Villa De Mezzo in Etia, Sitia, and the Villa Trevisan in Treveziana, near Kastelli, Kissamos. Many houses in the old towns of ChaniaRethimnon and Iraklion still have visible evidence of their Venetian origin.
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1 The Rimondi Fountain in Rethymno
2 Michael Archangelos Church in Axos
3 Agios Ioannis Monastery in Bali
4 Venetian Fountain in Pendamodi
5 Gorgoliani Monastery in Kato Asites
6 Vrondisi Fountain
7 Agios Georgios Church in Chandras
8 Imeri Gramvousa
9 San Pietro Church in Iraklio
10 The Renieri Chapel in Chania
11 Agios Nikolaos Church in Chania
12 Agia Ekaterini Church in Chania
13 San Francesco Church in Rethimno
14 Agia Ekaterini Church in Iraklion
15 Basilica San Marco in Iraklion
16 Agii Apostoli and Panagia Church in Agios Vasilios
17 Venetian Villa of Etia
18 Old Barracks in Iraklio
19 Venetian Villa in Chandras
20 Venetian Arsenals in Iraklio
21 Sandrivani Square in Chania
22 Topanas and Evraiki in Chania
23 The Renieri Port in Chania
24 Canevaro street in Chania
25 Lithinon street in Chania
26 The Lighthouse in Chania
27 The Great Arsenal in Chania
28 Venetian Arsenals in Chania
29 The Venetian Loggia in Rethymno
30 The Guora Gate in Rethymno
31 Venetian Mansion on 48 Arkadiou st, Rethymno
32 Venetian Mansion on 50 Arkadiou st, Rethymno
33 Venetian House on 64 Arkadiou st, Rethymno
34 Venetian House on Arkadiou and Vlastou st, Rethymno
35 Venetian Door on 8 Daskaloyanni st, Rethymno
36 Venetian Mansion on 154 Arkadiou st, Rethymno
37 Venetian Loggia in Iraklio
38 Katholiko Monastery in Akrotiri
39 Vafe street in Rethimnon
40 Venetian Portal in Chania
41 Village of Argyroupolis
42 Sotiras Christos Church in Kefali
43 Venetian Villa in Kalathenes
44 Villa Trevisian in Drapanias
45 Venetian Fountain in Alikampos
46 Venetian Constructions in Alikampos
47 Venetian Portal in Amnatos
48 Vizari Venetian Villa
49 Venetian Constructions in Sternes
50 The Quay in the Old Harbour of Chania
51 Venetian Aqueduct in Karidaki
52 Venetian Portal in Choumeriako
53 Venetian Villa in Rodia
54 Venetian Aqueduct in Fortetsa
55 Venetian Harbour of Ierapetra
56 Castle in Imeri Gramvousa
57 Venetian Fort of Frangokastello
58 Venetian fortress in Paliokastro
59 The Great Koules in Iraklio
60 Venetian Fort of Sitia
61 The Bastion of Firkas in Chania
62 Venetian Tower of Da Molin in Alikianos
63 Venetian Fort of Paleochora
64 The Chanioporta in Iraklio
65 Venetian Castle in Charakas
66 The Walls in Chania
67 The island of Spinalonga
68 Venetian Castle in Agios Vasilios
69 Chanioporta
70 The New Gate in Iraklio
71 The Martinengo Bastion in Iraklio
72 The Porta del Lazzaretto in Iraklio
73 Venetian Castle in Kissamos
74 The Public Market in Chania
75 The Fortezza in Rethymno
76 Venetian Harbour of Rethymno
77 Venetian Harbour of Iraklio
78 Venetian Harbour of Chania
79 The Morosini Fountain in Iraklio
80 The Bembo Fountain in Iraklio
81 Santa Maria de Miracoli Monastery
82 San Rocco Church
83 San Nicola Fort