Roman Sights

The most important Greco-Roman remains on the island, and one of the most important remains of all Greek antiquity is undoubtedly the Law Code of Gortyn. Gortyn became the capital of Crete during the Roman era (after 65 B.C.) and extensive Roman remains exist in the area. The site of ancient Aptera in Kydonia, located near Chania was also a very significant Roman site with fragment remains of huge Roman cistern complexes, as well as a theatre and other extensive Roman ruins. The site of Eleftherna was occupied from Minoan times and also became an important Roman city. The ancient city of Lissos located near Sougia,  was used in Roman times as well, and an extensive Roman cemetery has been discovered. In Vrises, Apokoronas there is a Greco-Roman bridge. There are Roman remains in Polirinia in western Crete and in Limin Hersonisou there are harbour remains and a mosaic fountain from the Roman era.
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1 Roman Ruins in Hersonissos
2 Roman Ruins in Aptera
3 Praetorium in Gortyn
4 Amphitheatre in Gortyn
5 Greco-Roman Bridge in Vrises
6 Roman Remains in Eleftherna
7 The Roman Agora in Gortyn
8 Roman Cisterns in Agia Fotia
9 Acropolis in Axos
10 Ancient Greek Site of Lyttos
11 Ancient Greek Site of Minoa
12 Diktinna in Menies
13 Ancient City of Mithimna