Byzantine Sights

Crete was a province of the Byzantine (East Roman) Empire from the 4th century A.C. until 1204 when it was ocuupied by the Venetians. During the byzantine period, the local inhabitants turned to the Christian Religion.
There are numerous byzantine monuments over the island. More than 300 byzantine churches, chapels and monasteries are presented in Crete TOURnet, constituting probably the richest existing online guide of byzantine monuments with photos.
Some of the most important byzantine monuments in Crete are:
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1 Sotiras Christos Church in Vlithias
2 Panagia Church in Kadros
3 Agios Georgios Church / Agios Nikolaos in Anidri
4 Panagia Church in Prodromi
5 Agios Ioannis Church in Kalamos
6 Agios Georgios Church in Sklavopoula
7 Sotiras Christos Church in Sklavopoula
8 Panagia Church in Sklavopoula
9 Michael Archangelos Church in Sarakina
10 Agios Ioannis Church in Sarakina
11 Agia Paraskevi Church in Sarakina
12 Panagia Church in Rodovani
13 Agios Nikolaos Church in Chania
14 Panagia Church in Lissos
15 Agios Kirikos Church in Lissos
16 Panagia Church in Roustika
17 Agios Ioannis Theologos Church in Seli
18 Basilica of the First Byzantine Period in Seli
19 Agios Dimitrios Church in Pigi
20 Agia Triada Church in Agia Triada - Rethimno
21 Agios Dimitrios Church in Viran Episkopi
22 Agia Irini Church in Viran Episkopi
23 Panagia Church in Prinos
24 Agios Ioannis Church in Erfi
25 Agios Ioannis Church in Skouloufia
26 Panagia Church in Skouloufia
27 Agia Paraskevi Church in Skouloufia
28 Panagia Church in Kirianna
29 Agia Marina Church in Amnatos
30 Church of the First Byzantine Period in Eleftherna
31 Sotiras Christos Church in Eleftherna
32 Agios Georgios Church in Kalamas
33 Agios Ioannis Prodromos Monastery in Bali
34 Basilica of the First Byzantine Period in Panormo
35 Agios Antonios Church in Aggeliana
36 Agios Georgios Church in Heliana
37 Agios Ioannis Church in Mikri Episkopi
38 Panagia Church in Kastri
39 Chalepa Monastery in Milopotamos
40 Agia Marina Church
41 Agios Ioannis Church in Moni Diskouriou
42 Panagia Church in Patsos
43 Agios Onoufrios Church in Thronos
44 Agia Marina Church in Kalogerou
45 Agia Paraskevi Church in Moni Assomaton
46 Panagia Church in Monastiraki
47 Agii Apostoli Church in Monastiraki
48 Agios Georgios Church in Monastiraki
49 Agios Theodoros Church in Amari
50 Panagia Church in Platania
51 Basilica of the First Byzantine Period in Vizari
52 Agios Nikolaos Church in Vizari
53 Panagia Church in Agia Galini
54 Agia Paraskevi and Agios Georgios Church in Agia Paraskevi
55 Agios Ioannis Church in Agios Ioannis - Amari
56 Panagia Church in Hordaki
57 Sotiras Christos Church in Ano Meros
58 Panagia Church in Vrises
59 Astratigos Church in Kardaki
60 Panagia Lambini Church in Lambini
61 Agios Georgios Church in Lambini
62 Agios Georgios Church in Spili
63 Panagia Church in Spili
64 Agia Marina Church in Mourne
65 Panagia Church in Mourne
66 Sotiras Christos Church in Kissos
67 Agios Ioannis Church in Kissos
68 Michael Archangelos Church in Monastiraki
69 Panagia Church in Kissos
70 Vrondisi Monastery in Moni Vrondisiou
71 Agio Pnevma Monastery in Kissos
72 Michael Archangelos Church in Aradena
73 Panagia Church in Drimiskos
74 Agios Ioannis Church in Agios Ioannis - Sfakia
75 Sotiras Christos Church in Akoumia
76 Agii Deka Church in Agii Deka
77 Byzantine Fort in Profitis Ilias (Kanli Kastelli)
78 The Rotunda of Michael Archangelos in Episkopi - Kissamos
79 Agios Ioannis Church in Roukani
80 Agios Stefanos Church in Drakona
81 Epanosifi Monastery in Moni Epanosifi
82 Agios Georgios Church in Episkopi - Ierapetra
83 Sotiras Church in Alagni
84 Agios Georgios Church in Komitades
85 Agios Vlassis Church in Alagni
86 Agios Nikitas Church in Frangokastello
87 Panagia Church in Alagni
88 Panagia Church in Fodele
89 Panagia Serviotisa Church in Stylos
90 Agios Nikolaos Church in Moni
91 Agios Georgios Church in Kamariotis
92 Panagia Church in Matala
93 Panagia Kera Church in Sarhos
94 Agios Fanourios Church in Moni Varsamonerou
95 Panagia Church in Pirgou
96 Panagia Church in Thronos
97 Agios Ioannis Church in Pirgou
98 Ai Yannis Kyr-Yannis Church in Alikianos
99 Agios Georgios Church in Fres
100 Agios Nikolaos Church in Kyriakoselia